Zirconia Porcelain Teeth

Zirconium is a white metal which acts as the gray metal that is used as substructure in regular metal supported porcelain. The superstructure is shaped with special porcelain processed onto the zirconium substructure. In this manner, very resistant, aesthetic, natural looking porcelain teeth with luminous transmittance are obtained. Since zirconium is a white metal, it renders the expected aesthetic results and success thanks to its luminous transmittance as well as providing sufficient strength and resistance by supporting the porcelain.
Zirconia porcelain teeth which are especially preferred for the aesthetic front zone can also be easily applied to the back area where masticatory forces are exerted strongly.

Where Are Zirconia Teeth Used?

In advanced discoloration cases (antibiotics, flourine etc.) where no results are achieved through methods like whitening, discoloration due to genetic structure; it is used as an alternative to braces in patients with orthodontic (crowding) problems. It is used in teeth where tooth substance loss is excessive and it cannot be filled, in patients who have a too wide dental space (diastema) to be covered with lamina and persons who have metal supported bridge – zirconia crown (coating), in break restorations which cannot be fixed with composite fillings, in old fillings the color and structure of which is corrupted.

How Long Does the Making of Zirconia Teeth Take?

In the first stage, the teeth are prepared for the crown restoration with appropriate cutting and the teeth are measured. The compliance of the substructure prepared in the laboratory with the gums is checked. After having checked the tooth color, shape and its harmony with your face, the finalization stage follows. Zirconium coating will be completed within an average of 7 to 10 days.